Here is why Baseline was built in the first place
An efficient and cost effective resource planning tool that builds and manages the optimal teams for your projects.
why baseline content

Lack of data on team capacity and growth making it challenging to achieve efficiency in talent management.

why baseline content

Lack of project based business insights making it difficult for project leaders to balance sales vs resource costs

why baseline content

Actual workforce left out of loop in project planning resulting in high turn-over rates and demotivated team dynamic.

There are many resource planning & project management tools available but most are task oriented rather than project oriented. This makes it difficult to consider project profitability or make hiring decisions tailored to capacity.
Solutions we offer
Capacity management
Monitor team capacity and get real-time alerts if any of your team members have been over capacity for too long. Our system will recommend the best fits when you need to reallocate someone’s workload to another person who has more capacity and can fulfill the same role.
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Project planning
Oversee all project progress and plan new projects with full visibility of employees’ availability and capacity. To make project planning even easier, you can create project templates in order to create similar projects with best project fits matched by algorithm with just a few clicks.
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Resource management
Employees are always sorted by their current capacity from least occupied to the most to help you maximize resource and balance workload within the team. Calendar view keeps everyone up to date with each individual’s project and out of office schedule so that work can be reallocated to the most suitable when needed.
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Business insights
Customized data visualizations are generated based on data on your team capacity, project sales and client demand etc to provide insights for business growth, team improvement and talent acquisition so you can see clearly where you would want to invest more and where you want to improve on.
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Client communication
Manage all your client information in one place. You will never lose track of any sales goal, project update and financial update on a client. You are also able to share project report and team compostion with client in real time to keep your clients well informed on any critical details regarding their projects.
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And more to come
We are constantly learning and evolving and would love to get your feedback on Baseline.