Focus on people and build the best teams
An efficient and cost effective resource planning tool that builds and manages the optimal teams for your projects.
Hear from our very first users
Project Management Director
Beacon Communications
"Having worked on several project centric resource assignment and tracking platforms, it is refreshing to find one that is actually delightfully simple to use. Baseline delivers straightforward oversight on resource assignments in long- and short-term projects, as well as multiple projects within a program environment. It is a quick decision making tool for casting and resource optimization managers looking to ensure maximum profitability and return-on-investment of their agency’s human capital in the new working order."
Talent management

Focus on your people

Measure each team members’ work health, capacity and skill development at every step and create a feedback loop to nurture growth within your organization.

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Timely communication and action

Break the boundaries between your teams

Leverage the full power of collaboration. No more different rules. Keep everyone on the same page and achieve more quickly.

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client communication

Keep clients engaged and up-to-date

Bring your clients closer to the team and make them part of the process. Share project updates, business reports and more with clients and create a stronger bond with seamless communication.

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Easy onboarding

Get your teams onboard in just a few steps

Keep your onboarding process light-weight and collaborative. Get the right person to input the right information and your team will be all set in just a few steps.

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Build the best teams with Baseline