Here is how our story goes
Ricardo, an executive in a multi-national communications agency was increasingly frustrated with the inefficiency he observed at various companies. He saw first hand how some companies tried many different tools but none of them solved the problem. He thinks this is a problem best solved by developing a customized tool.
Ricardo is having a drink with friends and shares the issue, wishing he had a way to kickstart the project. On this particular day, he was with his friend Katsu and expressed his wish of developing a tool to manage professional teams efficiently.
Katsu’s business partner Niya is a designer/problem solver who is passionate about solving these types of problems.
Niya spends months working with Ricardo and other business executives, observing, asking questions, and investigating how the workforce and place is changing. These insights translated into a simple POC prototype designed and implemented, which quickly proved to be effective.
Ricardo and Niya decided that it’s time to commit. They want to build a team to continue scaling the initial prototype and transform the future workplace with Baseline.
Where we are now
If you have any interest in learning more about our vision and roadmaps for Baseline, we would always love to chat.